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Flower Care Centre

All our fresh flower gifts come with a care pack attached.


Remove any packaging (With the tied bouquets delivered in water, pierce the film first over a sink & drain.  Do not untie the flowers) 

Use a clean vase or container, fill ¾ full with fresh water.  Then add a sachet of flower food.

Cut the stems at an angle (approx. 2cm off the end), with a sharp knife or scissors.

Remove any foliage that will be below the water level.


To prolong your blooms

Refresh flowers every two days, remove any drooping blooms and foliage and re cut the stems, and place in fresh water.  

Keep flowers away from draughts, direct sunlight and extreme heat.


Flower Arrangement

Keep flowers topped up with water daily. 

Place container on a mat or tray to protect surfaces. Slowly add water to the foam, so as not to overflow.  Do not let the foam dry out.


Handle with care

Lily pollen may stain, so we recommend removing the stamens as the blooms opens.

Do not place flowers or plants on unprotected surfaces.

Flowers should be kept away from Children and animals.

Some flowers and foliage can be toxic to animals and cause skin irritation.  Wash hands after touching and caring for your flowers

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